Lean Healthcare

With the financial pressures that healthcare organizations are facing, many hospitals are using traditional cost cutting methods to save money by looking at layoffs and staff reductions. Many more hospitals, however, are finding ways to reduce costs through lean management methods that don’t require layoffs and can improve quality for patients.

Lean is actually the best alternative to layoffs. It’s all about encouraging everyone to participate in process improvement, as well as finding creative and interesting ways to save money for a healthcare organization to avoid those unwanted traditional cost slashing endeavours like layoffs. Layoffs don’t lead to long-term cost reduction. And if you lay off people and don’t fix any processes, you are risking patient safety and quality. As a result, more and more healthcare providers are looking at lean to break that cycle.

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The World healthcare is in crisis. The industry is struggling with skyrocketing costs, poor quality, nursing shortages and employee dissatisfaction; all symptoms of deeper problems inherent in the system itself.

More and more healthcare providers are realizing the imperative of improving quality and safety and eliminating waste as strategies for responding to the challenges. Enter Lean Healthcare, the “how to” of managing change and creating continuous improvement.

As led by AA Global Sourcing Ltd; Lean Healthcare is not just another project: it’s a way to transform your entire organization into a safe and high-quality, high-performing healthcare delivery system.

Lean Healthcare can eliminate many obstacles to excellence, such as cumbersome information technology systems, worker frustration, and inadvertent errors and oversights that can increase patient safety risks. Surprisingly few improvements require costly or sweeping high-tech fixes. Most often, simple, well designed interactions based on scientific observations and experiments bring nearly unimaginable improvement, fast.

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Thoughtful design, rapid implementation, and continuous experiments and improvement are the hallmarks of Lean Healthcare. These principles inform all we do, whether helping with Lean Healthcare training, Kaizen/Rapid Improvement events, implementation at the frontline of care via our one-of-a-kind Lean Foundations for Healthcare course, transitioning to Six Sigma/Lean, or helping with Lean Healthcare facilities design (or redesign).

The Basics of Lean Healthcare

AA Global Sourcing Ltd involves client teams in learning, applying, analyzing and making Lean Healthcare disciplines a regular part of the operating philosophy of the organization. Our goal is to build your organization’s core Lean Healthcare competencies, from top and middle managers to front-line workers, in a way that becomes self-sustaining after our engagement ends.

We provide Lean Healthcare training for key staff as we create a core of teachers among your own staff to help you sustain the gains. Your organization will develop a culture that includes this renewable source of success within the organization.

Applying Lean Healthcare principles can lead to improvements in a broad range of operating processes found in every healthcare organization:
 Admitting/Discharge
 Internal patient flow within and between departments
 Operating room turnover
 Scheduling processes and systems
 Workplace disorganization
 Medical Records
 Inventory (supplies) control
 Administrative processes and billing
 Equipment availability
 Shift change processes
 Pharmacy and Laboratory work flows and turnaround times
 Emergency Room work throughput
 Clinical Processes
 HR/Hiring Processes
 Med/Surg floor improvement
 Discharge

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We are ready to modify/redesign training contents to compliment your organisation’s requirements.