SMED Training

Set-Up or Changeover Reduction (SMED Training)

Set-up and changeover reduction is a valuable tool utilized in the Lean Healthcare effort to decrease overall costs and bottlenecks. Set-up or “change-over” is defined as the time required from the completion of the last until the start of the nest procedure. Set-up includes getting instruments, getting supplies, setting-up rooms, getting materials, and getting paperwork. This entire process can take place in less than 10 minutes!

The SMED process focuses on reduction of setup and changeover time as a way of improving utilization, increasing capacity and more volume. Changeover of rooms or equipment can be accomplished in less time and serves as a goal for change.

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Benefits of a set-up / change-over reduction or SMED program include:
 Reduction of inventory in supplies and instruments.
 Dramatic reduction in flow time.
 Elimination of waste and non value-added operations.
 Improvement of capacity and volume.
 Increase in flexibility.
 Improvement in cash flow through reduction of inventory, waste, and rapid transfer of information to speed the patient flow process.
 Increase in competitiveness.
 Increase in Patient Satisfaction.
 Increase in Doctor Satisfaction.

Set-up Reduction training is offered as a seminar with 10 to 15 participants in attendance. The training consists of classroom sessions and the videotaping of several set-ups changeovers, which are carefully analyzed for potential improvements in set-up changes. At the completion of the seminar, each participant will be able to analyze and reduce non value-adding activities in their area. Many Clients desire to make changeover/setup reduction a primary focus of a Kaizen Events, as part of a facilities overall Lean Healthcare effort.