Value Stream Mapping Training

Whenever there is a process involving a patient or customer, there is a value stream. The challenge lies in seeing it. No Lean Healthcare approach is complete without a current state and future state value stream.

Value Stream Mapping is the most essential tool to provide understanding of how to make processes truly “Lean”. Kaizen efforts, Reliability efforts, or any other Lean Healthcare techniques, are only truly effective when applied strategically within the context of building a lean value stream.

Most of the time, managers concentrate on the wrong things such as the Facility, Equipment, and the Organization. Value Stream Mapping focuses our attention on the main thing, the service, or more simply. AA Global Sourcing’s typically makes Value Stream mapping an integral part of its Kaizen process.

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What the Customer (Patient) Wants!

The benefits of Value Stream Mapping include:
 It helps you visualize more than just the single-process level you can see the flow.
 It establishes priorities for improvement efforts.
 It helps you to see waste and the source of that waste.
 It is focused on no cost or expense able improvements.
 It provides a common language to talk about the processes.
 It is based on objective information.
 It forms the basis of an implementation plan.
 It shows the link between information flow and material flow, no other tool does this.

AA Global Sourcing’s Current State Value Stream Mapping Objectives:
 Facilitate Development of ‘Current’ State Map – How things actually are!
 Ensure Value Stream Mapping Applications are based on Facts and Data not Supposition.
 Determine ‘VALUE’ from the Customer or Patient perspective.
 Identify Value Streams.
 Identify Value Stream Managers.
 Build “Current State” Map.
 Build “Future State” Map.
 Develop Annual Value Stream Plans.
 Document Problem and Plan via A-3 Forms.

Future State AA Global Sourcing’s Value Stream Mapping Approach:
 Facilitate Development of ‘Future’ State Map – How things should be!
 Develop Commitment to Value and Use of the Value Stream Mapping.
 Create a Product Family matrix.
 Provide Focus, Direction, Tools, & Methods to Value Stream Mapping Teams.
 Develop the Value Stream Plan tied to business objectives.
 Presentation by Value Stream Team to Management Group.
 Conduct Value Stream Reviews – Walking the ‘Flow’ on the floor/department.

AA Global Sourcing’s Value Stream Mapping Deliverables:
 Development of a Value Stream Team & Approach.
 Identification of Key Value Streams.
 A Plan for Value Stream Mapping.
 “Current State” Value Stream Map.
 “Future State” Value Stream Map.
 Prioritized List of Opportunities within the Value Stream.
 Annual Improvement Plan by Value Stream.

The power behind Value Stream Mapping is you always need a Future State!